Kanada Day’s debut full length album is intended to bring awareness to an issue that is destroying democracy and our environment: the economic assault on our sovereignty. Money is public and social, not private. Austerity and usury are tools of wealth transfer enabled by compound interest. We don’t have to pillage the planet to generate wealth, or borrow from debt based private banks that simply lend credit conjured from the ether at interest.

Since 1974, well over $1 Trillion of Canadian tax dollars have been used to pay the interest on a debt a fraction of that size. A debt that has yet to be repaid. There is no need for this. Canada can create public wealth with the Bank of Canada because that is what it was created to do. This practise was utilized from 1938-1974 and can be done again at any time. Over a century ago, this was THE central political issue of its time (it inspired The Wizard of Oz). Today, it is obfuscated by the disinformation of the capital vampires.

Watch the video for the first single, The Silent Weapons.

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