5th PROJEKT is a cinematic rock band best described as “one great kaleidoscopic orgy of sound.” In celebration of their 10th anniversary, the ensemble released the EP, Gamma-Wave Rhythm. During transcendent peak life experiences or deep states of meditation, gamma waves are produced in the brain. It is often described as The Zone by athletes and musicians. That is to say, within that non-local ecstatic everywhere, anything is possible.

Since the initial design of their logo, the band has been interested in the interplay between esoteric & exoteric in their artwork. The pinecone is one of those symbols which holds a uniquely rich history. Celebrated throughout ancient cultures, it is widely overlooked amidst the semiotic din of today’s identity marks. Featuring this forgotten symbol, a hand-made, limited edition CD package was designed with a 12 panel foldout. The theme was carried across an accompanying 16 page digital art book, tour posters, and promotional material. Additionally, the theme was extended to a responsive redesign of the band’s website. 


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