Musician/Producer Ken Andrews released his solo record, “Secrets of the Lost Satellite” the year following his former band, Failure, released their “Essentials” collection. Ken’s album title immediately conjured the pre-historic geoglyphs known as the Nazca Lines of Peru. The only technology available to capture an image of such massive physical scale was a satellite, synchronously. Working with NASA and Japan’s Aster program, they provided geographical information system software which used combinations of satellite data sets to composite images that the public would recognize as satellite imagery. Combining data sets of elevation with various spectrums of light from the Nazca Desert, the composited images were coloured and then used as the basis for designing the 4 panel CD digipack, 6 panel foldout, tour poster, postcard, website, extended 30 page art book, and inspired a sci-fi design that extended to lithographs, advertisements, and cloth patches.



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